Husemann ∙ Eickhoff ∙ Salmen & Partner GbR

Redesigning a Law Firm’s Conference Room
Client: Husemann ∙ Eickhoff ∙ Salmen & Partner GbR
Location: Dortmund
Service: Draft and performance planning, tendering and contracting, construction managementThe conference room of the renowned corporate law firm, Husemann ∙ Eickhoff ∙ Salmen & Partner GbR, was redesigned.

Since the modernisation, the rooms appear spacious and inviting, while still retaining their spatial geometry through the use of carefully elected materials and colours. New ceilings with cove lighting create brightness while, at the same time, improving the room acoustics.

Furniture with fine wooden surfaces, custom-made for the client, completes the overall picture.